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Optical Shoppe of La Plata

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Donna Anderson Padgett has achieved the following credentials in this field. Opticians Association of America was the first plateau she achieved in 1976. This was followed in 1979 by a dispensing Opticians license in the state of Virginia as Maryland is not a licensed state. She earned at the same time an American Board of Opticians certification as well as a National Contact lens certification. In 1982 she went on to become an American Board of Opticians "Master in Ophthalmic Optics". At that time, there were less than 300 in the country. Those numbers have not changed much from that point. Early in the 1990’s she was asked to participate in writing a test for the American Board of Opticians that would be titled Advanced Optician certification. She was given a project to write 30 test questions along with other Master Opticians that would be pooled and used to make up a 125 question exam that would result in candidates becoming advanced certified opticians. Because of her participation in this test writing she was awarded the certification without taking the exam herself. The future plateaus in education to reach are the challenges of the constantly evolving technology in this wonderful industry.

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At Optical Shoppe of La Plata, we care about your vision! Whether you have a new prescription, need new glasses, or are interested in latest frames, we can help you. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your vision. You can trust that Optical Shoppe of La Plata will take care of you.

Come into our beautiful little Shoppe and allow us to help you choose eyewear that enhances your vision as well as your appearance. We have a great selection of frames from around the world at prices and quality you can't beat!

Optical Shoppe of La Plata


Founded: 2005

Owner: Donna Anderson Padgett


Areas of expertise:  Master Optician (1982),

 Dispensing Opticians license in the state of Virginia. (1979), Opticians Association of America. (1976)